Supplier Financing Simplified

KredX helps you secure financing from banks or financial institutions for your suppliers and they have the needed working capital

The KredX Advantage

With Dynamic Discounting, you enter KredX CMS’s All-In-One AP solution!

Unified platform for multi-flow workflows, from matching
to communication

Automating processes from Purchase Order
(PO) to Payments

Advanced features like fraud detection and
post-payment facilities

Unparalleled control and visibility for enterprises
and vendors 

Advanced Working Capital solution for enterprises
and vendors

Exclusive Credit card & Cashback programs

Improved collections

Build highly configurable workflows that automate every collection communication from reminders to late payments, and more.

Automated Cash Application

Allocate cash automatically back to your ERP – whether remittance data is included or not – allowing for increased accuracy, higher productivity, and reduced risk of manual errors.

How KredX Dynamic Discounting helps with Supplier financing

We provide a single, unified cloud-based platform with seamless collaboration among companies and their vendor partners.

Collateral-Free Working Capital

Suppliers only have to submit their invoices and enterprises can deliver payments against their accounts payable.

Efficient And Competitive

Offer a digital and flexible financing solution
with higher credit lines and cost-efficient pricing
to your suppliers.

Increase liquidity and grow sales

Help your suppliers enhance their
business and improve their cash flow to
finance their growth.

Fast, Easy, And Transparent

Enable a digital onboarding for your suppliers with minimal paperwork and finance them on the KredX portal, delivering them funds within days.

A unified and innovative approach to powering cash flow efficiency

KredX Dynamic Discounting offers triple benefits: Mulitple financing options for vendors, enriched supplier relationships, and up to 18% returns on your treasury.

Enhanced vendor management

Strengthen supplier relationships by offering early payment options and seamless onboarding that promotes transparency, and achieve improved supplier loyalty.

Diverse financing options for suppliers

Optimize cash flow with AI-formulated discounts and finance them through several options, enabling better
working capital management for 
your suppliers.

Increase returns on treasury

Propose discounts with suppliers in exchange for early payments, and generate significant cost savings in a quick turnaround for your business
at zero risk.

How KredX Dynamic Discounting Works

Step 1

 Upload approved invoices

Step 2

Set Up Bidding Session For Vendor To Place Discounts

Step 3

Vendor Offers Discount Over Invoice Sent By Enterprise

Step 4

Enterprise Approves Or Rejects Offer

Step 5

Enterprise makes payment with credit card against approved invoices

Why Enterprises Prefer
KredX Dynamic Discounting?

High Returns

Deploy treasury surplus to earn upwards of 18% returns,
at zero risk. Ensure high vendor participation with end-to-end onboarding and management.

Ai Advantage

Leverage AI-driven, smart bidding algorithms that maximize rate discovery from suppliers. Improve financial savings through better utilization of on-contract discount terms.


Free up the trapped cash for your entire supply chain. Suppliers benefit from early payments and predictable cash flows and enterprises benefit from increased savings and a stronger supply chain.

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₹62,46,575.34 Cost Saved with Efficiency

Disclaimer:The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute any funding commitment. Rates will be given by financiers according to their analysis of yours and your buyer's risk profile.

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