Channel Finance Management

A comprehensive solution for managing channel financing, optimizing collections and enhancing credit control

Discover what Channel Finance Management can offer to your business

KredX CMS’s Channel Finance Management platform provides a unified interface for managing and streamlining multiple channel and vendor financiers

Explore The KredX CFM Advantage

Improved Collections

An integrated solution that streamlines collections from non-financed buyers and improves the collection process

Quick Lender Onboarding

With increased visibility of channel financing programs and process improvement, onboard new lenders quickly

Automated Processes

With processes such as automated dunning and auto-debit through NACH, improve your overall collections

All-in-one Dashboard

Single dashboard to monitor current financing programs and performance with better credit control and credit analysis

Unleash The KredX CFM Impact


Reduction in DSOs


Increase in Channel Financing efficiency 


Improvement in Collections


Reduction in Risk

Here’s How It Can Benefit You 

Full visibility of cash flow in supply chain.

Improved credit control for non-financed buyers

Granular control of financing program

Smart decision-making enabled for sellers

Key Product Features

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