Make Working Capital Work For You And Your Supply Chain

Strengthen Your Treasury And Your Supply Chain
With KredX Dynamic Discounting

Early Payments From KredX's Payables Module

  • Automate early payment program with the enterprise software 
  • Earn a no-risk return that is higher than cost of capital
  • Gain granular visibility on user trends and adapt to demand of your supply chain accordingly
  • Intelligent smart bid algorithm that maximizes the rate discovery from 
    suppliers, thus increasing discounts for the enterprise.
  • Use corporate credit cards to make early payments, and the cash discounts can be used to cover the transaction cost. The excess discount is passed on to the enterprise.


  • Global scope and multiple currencies help free trapped cash for supply chain across geographies
  • Suppliers benefit from early payments and predictable cash flows

  •  Enterprise benefits from increased savings


Increase In Gross Margin


Risk-Free Returns


Improvement in Vendor Participation


Availability for customers and suppliers


₹62,46,575.34 Cost Saved with Efficiency

Disclaimer:The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute any funding commitment. Rates will be given by financiers according to their analysis of yours and your buyer's risk profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic discounting is a payment practice where a supplier offers a discount to a buyer for early payment of an invoice. The discount rate decreases as the payment due date approaches, incentivizing the buyer to pay earlier and providing cash flow benefits to the supplier.

Dynamic discounting provides suppliers with the option to receive early payment for their invoices, improving their cash flow and working capital. This can help suppliers to reduce their financing costs and invest in growth opportunities.

Dynamic discounting benefits buyers by providing them with the opportunity to receive discounts for paying their invoices early. This can help buyers to improve their bottom line and strengthen their relationships with suppliers.

The risks associated with dynamic discounting include errors in processing invoices, and disputes between buyers and suppliers. In addition, if the discount rate is too high, it may be detrimental to the supplier’s profitability.

Companies can implement dynamic discounting by partnering with a third-party provider that offers a dynamic discounting solution, or by building their own in-house solution. The implementation process typically involves integrating the dynamic discounting solution with the company’s existing invoicing and payment systems.

Dynamic discounting is best suited for companies that have a large volume of invoices from a big vendor base and a strong relationship with their suppliers. It is particularly beneficial for companies that have a high level of working capital tied up in accounts payable.

Dynamic Discounting
Risk Free Returns
Strengthen Supply Chain
Credit Card-Friendly
Improved Vendor

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