Seamless Supplier Onboarding With KredX

Boost vendor engagement through end-to-end vendor onboarding, and management– all without overloading your finance teams.

Challenges in supplier onboarding

Poor onboarding with suppliers can lead to some costly disruptions in your operations!

Limited cash flow optimization

Incomplete vendor participation limits dynamic discounting benefits, impacting your cash flow and potential cost savings.

Reduced supplier engagement

Low vendor participation reduces supplier engagement and collaboration, hindering stronger supplier relationships and favorable payment terms.

Operational inefficiencies

Incomplete onboarding or non-participating vendors can lead to errors, increased processing times, and higher administrative costs

Impact on Working Capital

Inadequate vendor onboarding impacts working capital management efforts and limits visibility and control over payment terms and discounts.

Optimizing Supplier Onboarding

We provide a single, unified cloud-based platform with seamless collaboration among companies and their vendor partners.

Automated Data Collection And Verification

Simplify the collection and verification of supplier information and documents with KredX to ensure compliance and reduce manual errors.

A One-Stop Portal For Collaboration

Enable transparent communication with your suppliers allowing them to track invoice status, access payment details, and participate in dynamic discounting programs.

Dynamic Discounting Made Easy

Empower your suppliers to explore KredX Dynamic Discounting’s AI-based bidding algorithm, and offer discounts that benefits both you and your suppliers.

Real-Time Visibility And Analytics

Get real-time visibility into supplier performance, payment statuses, and potential cost savings at different discount rates through intuitive dashboards and analytics.

Why opt for Dynamic Discounting with KredX?

Explore the benefits of supplier onboarding with KredX dynamic discounting.

Free up your team’s time that is spent in endless follow-ups
Ensure suppliers aren’t delayed by lack of information
Open your entire supplier network to exchange digital documents quickly
Increase the speed and accuracy of information exchange

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