End-to-end Automation For The Order-to-Cash Process

With KredX’s Accounts Receivable Module

Scope Of CMS

Accounts Receivable


  • Faster Receivables Recovery with AI-Based Worklist Prioritization

  • Increased Dunning Outreach With Automation via Emails and AP Portal Integrations

  • Real-Time Visibility into Collections Metrics and Collectors KPIs

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Cash Application

  • Straight-Through Cash Posting and Automated Deduction Coding

  • Automated Remittance Aggregation

  • Improved Analyst Productivity with Faster Exception Handling

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Buyer Risk Management

  • Channel Financing Managament for full visibility of channel financing programs, better credit control and improved collections

  • Automated credit scoring with in-built credit database for faster credit reviews

  • Seamless vendor onboarding with robust assessment process

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  • Digitized PO approval workflow and posting to vendors

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for invoice receipt

  • Invoice validation and matching with automated workflows & approvals Integrated vendor payments

Dynamic Discounting

  • Deploy surplus treasury for profits at zero risk

  • Use surplus funds for early payments at a discount to earn risk-free, high returns

  • Strengthen supply chain in a win-win for both enterprise and its suppliers

Supplier Risk Mnagement

  • Supplier Risk Management and Compliance

  • Credit risk monitoring and compliance capabilities

  • Centralised and updated vendor master

Collections: Intelligent Automation To Achieve Faster Receivables

  • Customize dunning strategies with AI-recommended actions, promise-to-pay analysis
  • Predict when you’re going to get paid with AI-based collection tracking software
  • Ensure adherence to collections possibility and a flexible workflow for dynamic teams
  • Scale-up dunning outreach with automated emails
  • Get real-time visibility into payment data against open invoices
  • Identify skipped invoices faster to prioritize your worklist
  • Get real-time visibility into process health metrics for effective collections strategies 
  • Analyze working capital trends across geographies with cash projection reports 
  • Collection management system to analyse and suggest course corrections
  • Receivable invoices grouped on customer level Accordion Content
  • Provides the agent with aggregated data with list of customers, outstanding invoices to be collected, due dates, debit notes, disputes, etc. for each collection item’
  • Plan cash flow interventions with full visibility of outstanding receivables

Cash Application: Automated Cash Posting For Improved Bottomline

  • Leverage AI to accurately capture information and smart mapping logic
  • FIFO (First In First Out) and Best-Fit mapping logic in cases of unavailable remittance
  • Exception handling for short/over payment
  • OCR Engine to capture accurate information automatically
  • Automated mapping of credit with customer and remittance to credit and invoices
  • Centralized remittance repository
  • Human-AI collaboration: Analyst works on exceptions, automation handles the rest
  • Suggestions from ML and predictive logic for faster execution of exceptions
  • No need to wait for month-end closing, close books once payment is received

Channel Financing Management: A Single Dashboard To Optimise Channel Financing

  • Manage your finance partners effectively and track financier performance.
  • Get comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities that allows you to track the performance of your finance channels, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Get financing for your buyers with KredX’s network of financiers.
  • Effortlessly handle credit limits and terms for channel customers and partners, and send alerts and notifications for credit concerns.
  • Enhance credit checks by performing buyer KYC and obtaining access to their credit reports.
  • Facilitate hassle-free collection for non-financed buyers using NACH and e-mandates.
  • Enable the auto-debit option for seamless transactions
  • Our user-friendly interface is accessible in regional languages and designed for easy navigation by non-technical users.
  • Integrate with enterprise systems like accounting software, ERP, and CRM for seamless functionality.
  • Onboard multiple financiers easily with a single integration, eliminating the need for individual process or API integrations.

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