The Power of Human-AI Collaboration

Intelligent Automation To Achieve Faster Receivables
Recovery With KredX Collections

AI Powered Collections For The Finance Team From KredX’s Receivables Module

  • Customize dunning strategies with AI-recommended actions, promise-to-pay analysis
  • Predict when you’re gonna get paid with AI-based collection tracking software
  • Ensure adherence to collections possibility and a flexible workflow for dynamic teams
  • Scale-up dunning outreach with automated emails
  • Get real-time visibility into payment data against open invoices
  • Identify skipped invoices faster to prioritize your worklist
  • Get real-time visibility into process health metrics for effective collections strategies 
  • Analyze working capital trends across geographies with cash projection reports 
  • Collection management system to analyse and suggest course corrections
  • Receivable invoices grouped on customer level Accordion Content
  • Provides the agent with aggregated data with list of customers, outstanding invoices to be collected, due dates, debit notes, disputes, etc. for each collection item’
  • Plan cash flow interventions with full visibility of outstanding receivables


Reduction In Payment Delay


Increase in Efficiency


Faster Dispute Resolution


₹27,55,068.49 Cost Saved with Efficiency

Disclaimer:The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute any funding commitment. Rates will be given by financiers according to their analysis of yours and your buyer's risk profile.

Key Product Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

A SaaS-based collections product is a software as a service platform designed to help businesses manage their accounts receivable and improve their collections process. It typically includes features like automated payment reminders, debt tracking, and reporting.

A collections product works by integrating with a business’s accounting software such as an ERP and automatically sending payment reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices. The product also provides a dashboard where businesses can track their accounts receivable and monitor the progress of their collections.

The benefits of using the product or tool for collections include improved cash flow, reduced time spent on collections, and increased efficiency. By automating the collections process, businesses can focus on other areas of their operations and avoid the hassle of manual collections.

A SaaS-based collections product is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, from freelancers to large corporations. Any business that wants to improve its collections process and manage its accounts receivable more effectively can benefit from using a SaaS-based collections product.

Some essential features to look for in a collections product include automated payment reminders, debt tracking, reporting, integrations with accounting software, and customizable templates for communication with customers.

Yes, CMS collections products typically offer strong security measures to protect customer data and complies with industry regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

The-power Of Human AI Collaboration
Quick Dispute Resolution
Reduce DSO
Automated Dunning
Improved Efficiency

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