End-to-end Automation For The Procure-to-Pay Process

With KredX’s Accounts Payable Module

Scope Of CMS

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable


  • Faster Receivables Recovery with AI-Based Worklist Prioritization

  • Increased Dunning Outreach With Automation via Emails and AP Portal Integrations

  • Real-Time Visibility into Collections Metrics and Collectors KPIs

Cash Application

  • Straight-Through Cash Posting and Automated Deduction Coding

  • Automated Remittance Aggregation

  • Improved Analyst Productivity with Faster Exception Handling

Buyer Risk Management

  • Channel Financing Managament for full visibility of channel financing programs, better credit control and improved collections

  • Automated credit scoring with in-built credit database for faster credit reviews

  • Seamless vendor onboarding with robust assessment process


  • Digitized PO approval workflow and posting to vendors

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for invoice receipt

  • Invoice validation and matching with automated workflows & approvals Integrated vendor payments

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Dynamic Discounting

  • Deploy surplus treasury for profits at zero risk

  • Use surplus funds for early payments at a discount to earn risk-free, high returns

  • Strengthen supply chain in a win-win for both enterprise and its suppliers

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Supplier Risk Mnagement

  • Supplier Risk Management and Compliance

  • Credit risk monitoring and compliance capabilities

  • Centralised and updated vendor master

PO-to-Pay: Digitise invoice management for an efficient AP function

  • Execute customized PO approval workflows 
  • Maintain approval audit trails
  • Digitally exchange the PO with vendors
  • Centralized Vendor portal for tracking all the POs
  • Automate exchange of electronic business documents
  • Improve TAT of business communication
  • Locate all invoices on a central platform for efficient access and analysis
  • Improve record accuracy through digitization
  • Automated 2 and 3 way invoice matching with matching view to the user
  • Reduced human error and need for human intervention, i.e. increase in finance team’s productivity
  • Protection against fraudulent and duplicate invoices
  • Improved suppliers relations through transparent communication
  • Manage all vendor/supplier invoices payments from one place
  • Integrated Digital Payments and Maker checker process to prevent frauds Automated posting of remittance advices to vendors
  • Multi-modal multi-currency payment options, easy to change payment modes

Dynamic Discounting: Strengthen Your Treasury And Your Supply Chain

  • Automate early payment program with the enterprise software 
  • Earn a no-risk return that is higher than cost of capital
  • Gain granular visibility on user trends and adapt to demand of your supply chain accordingly
  • Intelligent smart bid algorithm that maximizes the rate discovery from 
    suppliers, thus increasing discounts for the enterprise.
  • Use corporate credit cards to make early payments, and the cash discounts can be used to cover the transaction cost. The excess discount is passed on to the enterprise.

  • Global scope and multiple currencies help free trapped cash for supply chain across geographies
  • Suppliers benefit from early payments and predictable cash flows

  •  Enterprise benefits from increased savings

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Automating Accounts Payables in 2024: Challenges And Solutions

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