Workflow Automation For Faster Approvals, Reduced Errors, and Increased Cost Savings

Digitise invoice management and payment for an efficient
AP function with KredX PO-to-Pay

Streamline the procurement process to reduce errors, and save time and money

  • Execute customized PO approval workflows 
  • Maintain approval audit trails
  • Digitally exchange the PO with vendors
  • Centralized Vendor portal for tracking all the POs
  • Automate exchange of electronic business documents
  • Improve TAT of business communication
  • Locate all invoices on a central platform for efficient access and analysis
  • Improve record accuracy through digitization
  • Automated 2 and 3 way invoice matching with matching view to the user
  • Reduced human error and need for human intervention, i.e. increase in finance team’s productivity
  • Protection against fraudulent and duplicate invoices
  • Improved suppliers relations through transparent communication
  • Manage all vendor/supplier invoices payments from one place
  • Integrated Digital Payments and Maker checker process to prevent frauds Automated posting of remittance advices to vendors
  • Multi-modal multi-currency payment options, easy to change payment modes


Audit Process


 Increase In efficiency


Lesser Supplier Follow-ups


₹38,25,000.00 Cost Saved with Efficiency

Disclaimer:The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute any funding commitment. Rates will be given by financiers according to their analysis of yours and your buyer's risk profile.

How An ICT Services Giant Used KredX CMS To  Modernise Their PO-To-Pay Process

Frequently Asked Questions

PO-to-pay automation software is a type of software that automates the entire procurement process, from the creation of purchase orders to the payment of invoices.

PO-to-pay automation software can help organizations streamline their procurement process, reduce errors, and save time and money. It can also improve visibility into the procurement process and increase control over spend.

Some important features to look for in PO-to-pay automation software include approval workflows, automatic invoice processing and matching, supplier management tools, and reporting and analytics capabilities.

PO-to-pay automation software can integrate with a variety of other systems, including ERP systems, accounting software, and supplier management tools. Integration can be achieved through APIs, webhooks, or other integration methods.

Yes, PO-to-pay automation software can be beneficial for small businesses as well as larger organizations. It can help small businesses improve their procurement process and save time and money.

PO to Pay
100 % Audit Process
Improved Supplier

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