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Best practices for implementing a B2B cash management system

Cash flow management is a very important aspect of a business’s stability. Poor cash flow management can affect business working capital and other operations. As a result, a business needs a cash flow management system to increase efficiency. With a B2B cash flow management system, it becomes easier to manage incoming and outgoing funds. Although cash management software has many benefits, picking the right system can be challenging. It is important to note that there are several B2B cash management solutions providers, such as CMSKredX. This article discusses a way to choose the right B2B cash management system for a business. 

Understanding Cash Management Systems for Business

Cash management system for businesses entails software solutions that help simplify accounting processes and boost efficiency. The system is essential in managing cash flow across multiple business branches and bank accounts. The software integrates with the ERP system and banking data. The B2B payment integration allows accounting and finance teams to access the latest and real-time cash flow data. The cash flow management system starts with cash intake and helps the business automate cash handling up to reconciliation.

What Does a B2B Cash Management System Do?

Data Integration

Businesses have multiple bank accounts across different providers, which could use different currencies. A B2B cash management system will centralise all banking data into one place. This enables access to banking data from a single point and helps businesses track cash flow.

Organising Data

A business needs to manage data according to the transaction type. Sometimes categorising this data can be time-consuming. Therefore, B2B payment integration will make it easier to classify these transactions. In addition, it allows the automatic identification of pending cash transactions and patterns in vendor payments.

Boosting Cash Flow Visibility

Without a cash flow management system, a business logs into various bank accounts, downloads data, and puts it in a spread. This process can lead to a visibility gap because, by the time the process is complete, data will be outdated. The B2B cash management system streamlines the process. As a result, a business can analyse cash flow, identify trends, create reports, make forecasts and help the treasury team to be efficient.

Choosing the Right B2B Cash Management System for Your Business

1. Web-based vs Offline Cash Management Platform

There are two variants of cash flow systems. One can be a web-based cash flow management system available as SaaS. However, the offline variant can easily be implemented on the cash management platform on-site. It is important to note that a web-based B2B cash management system employs a subscription model with regular updates. The locally implemented system requires the business to purchase a license, which can be used indefinitely. Before choosing a system, check which one fits your needs.

2. Business Needs

Currently, many providers, such as KredX, offer cash management solutions. However, the available systems differ in functionalities and features. Therefore, it is important to outline your business needs to reap the maximum benefits of cash management software. That way, you will narrow down the options and make it easier to select the right B2B cash management software.

3. System Operability

Certain cash management software tools need considerable resources to install and implement. Therefore, it is important to go for a cash management system that can be implemented easily. On the other hand, choosing complicated software will require seeking IT services which can be costly. Additionally, such a system may take time before you start using it. However, advanced systems can be beneficial since they have AI and machine learning tools to help draw meaningful insight from data.

4. Supply Chain Functioning

When choosing B2B financial supply chain management software, it is important to consider how you operate. Consider how the supply chain functions by looking at how you deal with vendors and what transactions the business handles. For example, a cash management system will be useful if it considers supply chain functions.

5. Bank Interoperability

Most financial institutions have application programming interfaces that allow a cash management system for a business to access data. The cash flow management system you pick should have interoperability with banks. This will make it track cash flow data.

6. Client Access

In the market, you can access two variants of cash management systems. One allows clients to access account information and another with limited access. Before deciding which system to pick, consider whether you will give clients access. That way, you can pick a system that helps your business and makes dealing with clients easy.

Bottom Line

Therefore, businesses can enjoy the benefits of cash management software if they pick the right system. A sound cash flow management system such as Kredx’s Cash Management Solutions will offer real-time data to enable the business to monitor cash flow and improve efficiency. The good news is that there are several cash management platforms in the market to choose from based on your business needs. If you are searching for a system to improve efficiency and cash flow management, consider KredX’s Cash Management Solutions.

Manish Kumar

CEO and Founder, KredX

Manish spent a decade in the finance and banking industry, including a successful stint at HSBC, before founding KredX in 2015. He took his expertise in accelerating capital velocity and created a platform that has become a growth catalyst for hundreds of Indian businesses, big and small. The journey has been triumphant, KredX featured among the top 100 leading global Fintech innovators in the KPMG-H2 Ventures 2017 Fintech100 list and Manish was recently awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year in Business Services at the Annual Entrepreneur India Awards. You can reach him through LinkedIn.